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Vintage Wonder Woman

Yaël Vanbilsen Hen Hen vintage conceptstore

Yaël Vanbilsen is founder of Hen Hen, a vibrant conceptstore, with extremely good coffee, apéro and heavenly vintage treasures!

Yaël, born and raised in Limburg, was already treasure hunting and searching for vintage goods from early age on. Wanting to be unique and one of a kind, she was already shopping for the craziest 70’s dresses at the age of 14.

She discovered she had a sixth sense for treasures and she looooved thrifting. She decided that life is way to short to have a boring office job and so she started to sell some of her vintage goods online.
When the opportunity of a real store in the former school in the Lutgart site in Beringen presented itself, she didn’t hesitate!

Casa Hen Hen

“Hen Hen” came from the idea that she and her hubby to be, are like 2 headless chickens constantly full of creative idea’s and plans. The fact that Hen Hen finally found a homebase to stay put and bloom was the ”litteral “egg”

Hen Hen is a conceptstore, where the interior, the decoration mood and atmosphere breath vintage. Store owner Yaël finds it important to support our locals and makes it her mission to use almost solely local products and ingredients.

Oh what a lovely place to spend your afternoon…

If you like…

– to grab a delicious coffee
– having a slice of cake
– reading a book
– enjoying the vintage decor and the awesome greenery
– to drink Sangria in the sun
– learning new things and following a head wrap workshop
– to have your apéro whilst enjoying golden oldies
– last but not least, to top it all of and go home with some new vintage treasures….

Hen Hen is the place to be!

Vintage clothing

About Yaël…

Yaël Vanbilsen

Yaël is a strong, independent and beautiful young women. She is inspired by heroes from the golden days such as David Bowie and other icons like Frida Kahlo.
Yaël can totally loose track of time on Instagrampages like 70’s daily, lostinhistorypics and oldpicsarchive. She is inspired by different styles out of the 70’s and 80’s …

Everybody who meets her will agree to the fact that she is vibrant, sincere, and kind hearted. She intends to live life to the fullest. Because she knows by the heart that life can take you by surprise sometimes.

Her heart skips a beat when she can dive into a pile of clothing to search for goods and she wants to share her passion for vintage with all of us! She does it with such great eager and enthusiasm you can hardly leave the shop without treasured goods.

Some of Yaël’s top finds:

– Sweater of Patagonia on a flea market in Chili
– A black and shiny Versace coat out of a thrift store
– All time favourite: Red ensemble top and trousers in New York (worn by Yaël in pictures)

Yaëls ultimate dream:

“owning a clothing line with second hand fabrics…. to be continued 😉 … “

In conclusion Hen Hen is not your ordinary vintage store. It is not just the next retro boutique.
It is coming home to good coffee and to the closet of your dreams filled with high end, timeless, sustainable, qualitative and unique vintage finds.

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