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Slow Cabins


A nice and cosy home is important to us, now more than ever! But everyone needs to escape daily life every once in a while.
Nowadays traveling across borders has become more and more difficult! Therefore we should enjoy the gems that our own country has to offer.
Slow Cabins is definitely one of them!

We had a glorious stay at the Slow Cabins last december. How exciting it is to get your cabin location only 2 weeks in advance! We were so eager to go down there..
Even though it was the middle of winter and the weather forecast predicted nothing but rain. It felt so good to get out of our busy lives for just a weekend getaway in the slow Cabins.

slow cabins

Time for two

slow cabins reading

It was exactly what we hoped for. A very cosy place, with rustic materials and a very nice fireplace! Although they say that only the essentials are present in the cabin, to us it felt very luxurious.

To live on solar energy and to be surrounded solely by cows and fields is very relaxing! The off grid concept (don’t worry, there is a generator in case of energy lack) gives you an instant back to basics vibe, but the luxury of the beds, the automatic blinds, the kick as fireplace and the huge fire pit outside give you a really homey feel!
I finally realized what ‘hygge” stands for!

When you hear nothing outside but the rain and the wind. When all you have to worry about are what books to read by the fireplace..
You quickly feel the joy and comfort of ‘slow living’ and how much it is needed from time to time!

Time for family

I booked the family cabin which can sleep 4 adults. The 2nd night friends were coming over to celebrate Benny’s birthday. At first I was a bit frightened of the space being too small for the four of us. Because of the rain we were doomed to stay inside. Nevertheless we had a blast!

A great home cooked meal and afterwards we played games in front of the fireplace. Every once in a while we put on our big winterjackets and escaped to get some fresh air outside by the fire pit. I mean does it get any cosier?

If you want to escape from this Covid Nightmare just for the weekend, this is the place to be! Enjoy!

slow cabins

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