About Me

Hi y’all, besides loving the craft of writing and sharing my stories with other people, I  work as a physiotherapist, trying to work my way up in the world of a very interesting specialty called “Lymphatic drainage”.

I was born and raised in the oldest and most lovable city of Belgium called Tongeren. Currently I am working and living in the beautiful food and culture infested city of Leuven.
Unfortunately not closely surrounded by my lovely friends and family, but therefore appreciating the value of having them around even more!

Next to writing, also passionate about a bunch of other things. Crazy about traveling, wanting to be a wanderer-adventurer of epic proportion!
To get rid of my energy I  love sports like Tennis, surfing, snowboarding, yoga and pilates. On the contrary I am also a real foodie, crazy about good food and discovering new recipes + restaurants and sharing this experience with loved ones!
I am a 2nd year goldsmith student and I can also totally spend hours indulging in photography and exploring abandoned places.

About La Vie en Fie

After I finished  university, I didn’t want to start working  just yet and so I  started to unlock my wanderlust by traveling my number 1 continent, Australia. It became my second home and the place where I started with an earlier travel blog. I discovered how much I loved writing and thanks to many inspiring people I met during my trip, I now finally had the courage to create and write this blog.

Interesting people with extraordinary stories,  forming an inspiration to be creative, joyful and passionate.

I write this blog to share my passion and my collected experience with you, to make you smile and occasionally rethink some things in life!